Privacy Policy

Access China Travel Highly Respects Your Privacy.

The policy stated below is applicable to process any personal information Access China Travel clients provide. You are encouraged to provide more accurate personal information such as name, email, delivery address, billing number, feedback, travelogue, travel photo and any other details, which will be devoted solely to enhance your travel with Access China Travel.


Privacy is considered to be an important personal right and consequently all due respect towards each user's privacy is an essential part of Access China Travel policy. We are committed to protecting your privacy and pledge ourselves to be worthy of your trust. We assure you that we will never disclose any of your registration information and other personal details to a third party except:


1. with your express permission.
2. as required by law or regulatory bodies.
3. under other circumstances that Access China Travel deems necessary for your protection
4. in accordance with correlative Access China Travel regulations and other criteria.


Access China Travel accepts no legal responsibility for any loss caused by any or all of these above mentioned circumstances.


We are promisted to do our best to keep your info security technically, but cannot guarantee the lose protection occurence transmitted electronically due to the nature of the Internet. You should be aware that when personal information is disclosed on the Internet it may be collected by another user and may result in unsolicited messages from other Internet users.


You will have sole responsibility for any loss attributed to your willing disclosure of your own personal information. Access China Travel undertakes to preserve the privacy of any personal details at all times as well as after the termination of your membership and retains the right to vary this policy at any time without prior notice.