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Here you can find a list of travel feedback and tour reviews from our clients who traveled with Access China Travel services. We are confident in our quality Yunnan tour operation. Just see what they emailed to say about our services.

  • Hi Alina,

    The flowers are for you.

    Now  I will forget all the worry before and start my wonderful tour.

    And you can enjoy much more your holiday at Lake Lugu.

    I will see if I can make next Year a tour with your agency Access China Travel to Sechuan to see Pandas in liberty. Than I will add also Lake Lugu..

    My dear, have wonderful days

    I am arriving soon in China and this will be my tour number 7 in this country

    At the end of my Yunnan tour, I will send you a report about . There I will mention also about your work and kindness for me ..


    Just to say you that I am well back home. My tour was very good and I had a superb journey in Yunnan.

    I want let you know that my second guide “BELL” and my second driver YANG have been excellent. I was fully satisfied with both of them !!!

    And now to you my dear Alina. Thank you for all your attention an prompt work for me through many month..  But finally this tour was a great success and my money arrived in the last minute…

    Have a good time. It could be that I will be in contact again with you in coming December.


  • Tour Name:27-day Full Yunnan Experience Tour
    Trip Time:2019-03-01 - 2019-03-27
    Clients' Information:Peter
  • Hi Alina, everything was great thank you. Special thanks to Amy who is an excellent guide and a very kind person. Thanks for all. It was a beautiful trip & discovery.



  • Tour Name:10-day Yunnan Discovery Tour
    Trip Time:2018-10-27 - 2018-11-05
    Clients' Information:DUMAIRIR CORINNE
  • Dear Alina,

    I would like to say Thank You for your considerate arrangements for my mother and I in Yunnan.  You were fantastic and the service was really great.  Thanks a million.

    Kind regards,



  • Tour Name:8-day Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Tour
    Trip Time:2018-03-30 - 2018-04-07
    Clients' Information:Patrick
  • Hi Alina,
    How are you? We're so fine, Kunming is wonderful and more livable than Brijing.
    Mike is so nice and very prepared, we had good time with him.


    Lolli Fabio  & Colla Francesca

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  • Tour Name:8-day Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangrila Tour
    Trip Time:2017-08-31 - 2017-09-07
    Clients' Information:LOLLI FABIO & COLLA FRANCESCA
  • Dear Alina

    I just want to thank you so very much for all your excellent and kind arrangements for our tour in Yunnan.   And I enjoyed the rose flavored Flower cakes!!  Even brought some home.

    And from your side all the arrangements went smooth.

    Thank you very, very much and my best of wishes and compliments to your people (guides etc)

    So - the days were lovely and Lijiang is such a pretty little town! Most of the towns were so clean in the streets - much better then here in many places. I also enjoyed the lovely dogs walking with their owners! They all looked as if they were going to a dog show - so beautifully groomed!

    So dear Alina - I wish you the very best and please tell your seniors that I appreciated your very good service sincerely.

    Look well after yourself

    With kind regards

    Junita Joubert


  • Tour Name:10-Day Yunnan Private Tour
    Trip Time:2017-08-15 - 2017-08-24
    Clients' Information:Junita Joubert
    Country:South Africa
  • Hello Jessica,

    I am very well, thank you. What a trip, what an incredible experience! I have enjoyed every minute in Yunnan and now I am waking up from a dream!

    I am happy to give you a short day to day account. 

    Met Sunny at Kunming Airport. No problem. She suggested to see  SPLENDID YUNNAN and we drove directly to the show with only one minute to spare. Superb show. NEW ERA HOTEL was very good. Next day drive to Dali, meet Celine. We found her to be a little "flaky", nice enough and knowledgeable but somehow not too helpful. I mean...personally not helpful ( I am 75).

    Dali LANDSCAPE Hotel  was good but very noisy in the night time. Lunch in old town was very good, nice restaurant and convenient.

    Next day Shaxi....out of this world. LAOMADIAN hotel very cute, good food (dinner), manager was very helpful. Next day sightseeing was extra ordinary. BAOXIANG TEMPLE is a long way up the hill, but even for me doable.  The temple person "in charge" invited us for lunch. We enjoyed that very much. We went on to see another temple, I forget the name. Was also a memorable experience. Celine speaks English well and knows all facts like history etc. Our driver, Mr. CHANG is an excellent driver, drove very savely. But he was not very helpful either. By that I mean... he seldom opened the car door for me, seldom helped me in and out of the car or helped to manage our luggage.(MAYBE HE WAS NEVER TOLD).

    We met the next guide on the way to Shangri la. A delightful young Tibetan lady, Betsy. 

    She was very attentive, gave me a hand climbing up and down the LEAPING TIGER GORGE. Also knowledgable, spoke English well and lots of fun. She helped us, looked after us, told us personal stories, showed us around. She had discount tickets to Tibetan show if we were interested. A lovely visit to the old town, then again a nice evening and  a wonderful next day in Shangri la. The ZINK JOURNEY Hotel was the best. We really loved it. Nice staff too. Monastery visit was impressive but the TIBETAN FAMILY VISIT was totally disapointing. No family, just an old house!

    My companion Grace and I drove down to Lijiang only with driver. Because she speaks Chinese fluently we had no problem. A small disappoitment was the FIRST BEND YANGTZE  River attraction. Too far and not much to see!

    We met our Lijiang guide in Lijiang. Sookie is also delightful in all ways and we enjoyed her. All activities in Lijiang were  interesting and enjoyable,  we have seen many wonderful sights. Good lunch in small, lovely town. Hotel in Lijiang was OK, not very friendly but good location.

    The flight to Kunming was delayed due to bad weather conditions and we arrived in Kunming after midnight. Sunny was waiting for us. She is also a wonderful guide, we liked her but unfortunately had no time to see Kunming with her.

    Two things I suggest you look into.....


    If you need anything more, more info...please let me know.

    I attach a picture of us.... Grace and Bee in Lijiang.

    Greetings from Thailand


    United States

  • Tour Name:8-day Classic Yunnan Tour
    Trip Time:2014-09-10 - 2014-09-17
    Clients' Information:Bee
    Country:United States
  • Dear Jessica:

    We had a very enjoyable holiday in China and saw a lot of very interesting places. It really was a journey of life time in a part of China that not everybody gets the opportunity to see. We travelled by car, bus , overnight train, motorbike, camel and horse ! - so it was a bit of an adventure.  We saw deserts in Gansu and Alpine pastures in Yunan and the grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau. We saw some amazing sights and scenery.  It was all very memorable.

    You organized our trip very well - and everything worked like clockwork. The appointed guide was there to meet us at each stop be it an Airport or Railway station. The hotels varied -  some were excellent some not so good like the one at Labrang  (Labulang Civil Aviation Hotel).

    The guides were generally very good good - Noor ( Urumqi), Peter (Lanzhou/Xiahe) and Thup Ten (Shangri La) were particularly excellent and outstanding.

    Overall it was a great experience and we would recommend others to use your company and we too would use your company again.

    What you promised - you delivered and everything worked very smoothly.

    Thanks & Best regards,

    Philip & Marianne

  • Tour Name:16-day Silk Road & Yunnan Tours
    Trip Time:2014-07-24 - 2014-08-08
    Clients' Information:Philip & Marianne
    Country:United Kingdom