Yunnan Shopping

Yunnan Province is famous for its Ethnic Minority Groups, ancient towns, and unique culture. It is these things which make Yunnan a shopper’s paradise. The unique items found in Yunnan cannot be found elsewhere in China. Each Ethnic Minority Groups’ art, clothing, and culture is unique and make for wonderful purchases.

Yunnan Baiyao Powder, Spray & Capsule
Yunnan Baiyao (Yunnan Paiyao or The White Medicine  ) is a Chinese herb mixture that is commonly used to stop bleeding but is also employed for pain relief, reduction of inflammation, and promotion of wound healing. The herbal mixture was invented by Qu Huangzhang in the Yunnan province of China in 1902, is designated as one of two Class-1 protected traditional medicines, which gives it 20 years protection. Yunnan Baiyao made its name in the battle grounds of Chinese fighting against Japanese invasion in World War II and of the Vietcong fighting against USA during the Vietnam War by saving soldiers' lives from severe combat injuries. Now the medicine has developed into powder, spray and capsule and is widely used for people and animals. 

Dai Embroidery
Created by the women of the Dai Ethnic Minority Group, Dai Embroidery is famous for its quality and artistry. Virtually all Dai women learn embroidery as children as it is an integral part of their culture. The unique patterns and bright colors of the embroidery make is very sought after.

Bai and Dai Tie Dyed Cloth
The tie dying of the Bai and Dai Ethnic Minority Groups are well-known throughout China. White cotton cloth is sewn with string and dipped into vats of dye. The areas sewn together do not get dyed and come out with an incredible array of designs, including flowers, dragons and phoenix’s, animals, and geometric patterns. The cloth is made into a huge array of items, including; tablecloths, clothing, bedding, hats, &c.

Wax Printed Cloth
Many of Yunnan’s Ethnic Minority Groups have a form of printing cloth that utilizes wax. Wax is painted onto white cotton cloth and the cloth is then dyed. The areas of the cloth where the wax is does not absorb the ink. When dried, the wax is scraped off and the beautiful patterns are revealed. The wax printed cloth is used for a huge variety of uses, including; clothing, bag and accessories, tablecloths, &c.

Tengchong Jade
The hardest stone in the world, jade has an incredibly important place in Chinese culture. Once the possession of Emperors, it is sought after by virtually all Chinese people. Jade comes in a large variety of colors and is so hard that it has to be ground with diamond grit tools. Yunnan is known for its jade creations.

Puer Tea
One of China’s most famous tea, puer tea has recently become very famous around the world for its medicinal qualities, robust flavor and aroma, and for its ability to improve with age. Produced in Yunnan, puer tea is compressed into shape for storage. Yunnan was the beginning of the Ancient Tea Horse Trail and alone this trail tea was shipped from Yunnan Province, all the way to Tibet and into Russia.

Bai And Dai Tie Dyed Cloth
Tengchong Jade