Yunnan Yi

Located in Xiangyun County, Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali City, Yunnan Yi gets its name due to the establishment in Yunnan, Ming and Qing Dynasty; it belongs to the old haunt of Yunnan County in Han Dynasty and Yunnan Shire in Wei and Jin Dynasty. It was also a birthplace of Yunnan Province and worn the beautiful name of Hometown of Colorful Yunnan.

Yunnan Yi combined many historic relics such as classical downtown appearance, sites of Southwest Silk Road, the airport built in World WarⅡ, the airfield runway used by Flying Tiger, old sites of plane stable hole and SUA Military Headquarters, well-known Hump Air-route, Yunnan-Burma Highway, Sino-India Oil Delivery Pipe, and the ancient post road, etc. At that time, it is a place for the witness of history as well as the most important Strategic Counter-offensive Base for Allied Forces in the Fareast. For these reasons, the ancient town of Yunnan Yi was recorded into the western history.

Currently Yunnan Yi has become a beautiful place with large pieces of gleaming greens, and restored city appearance that reflects former charming. It, however, still displays the former splendid history and pursuers the glorious futures.

Traffic Route
It is at a distant of 270 km from Kunming City, 19 km from Xiangyun County. There is a branch way near banqiao toll gate of Chuxiong-Dali Expressway if you drive from Dali to Yunnan Yi, which can be reached along the east direction of 320 National Highway about 8 km away. The bus price is about 35 to 45 yuan per person from Kunming to Chuxiong.

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Special Food
steamed fish in casserole, papaya chicken, cold rice noodles with chicken thread, etc.

Near-by Scenic Spots
Damadian, Shuimushan Scenic Spot, Qinghua Cave, Jiuding Hill, etc.