Top 5 Ancient Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Trees

Yunnan is located in southwest China and is renowned for its specialty: Pu-erh tea. The province is characterized by its special topography. To the north of Yunnan borders on the Tibetan plateau and rises up to a elevation of 6740m. In the south, however, it descends to only 76.4m above sea level into the infamous Golden Triangle. The different topography affects especially the climate which can be, depending on the location, between a tropical monsoon climate and a dry mountain air. These different growing conditions produce many aged Pu-erh Tea Trees, the oldest five tree kings are:  

1. Jinxiu Tea Tree (cultivated, 3,200 years)
Jinxiu Tea Tree is presumably the oldest tea tree in Xiangzhujing, Fenqing county, Lincang city and estimated over 3200 years old. This is certainly attributable to the remoteness of the area. It is the largest ancient cultivated arber tea tree found in the world. The tea tree is 10.6 meters high and its trunk is 1.84 meters in diameter. Now it is strictly protected as living fossil of ancient tea trees. This Jinxiu Tea Tree King witness China's long history of tea and tea culture.   

2. Qianjiazhai No.1 Tea Tree (wild, over 2,700 years)
Qianjiazhai No.1 Tea Tree is located at Qianjia Village in Zhenyuan Yi Hani Lahu Autonomous County on Ailao Mountain. Found in 1991, The tea tree, with a height of 25.6 meters, is the largest ancient wild arber tea tree in the world. It was listed in Guinness World Records in 2001.  

3. Mengku Snow Mountain No.1 Tea Tree (wild, 2,700 years)
Mengku Snow Mountain sits at the junction of Lincang City and Shuangjiang County and Gengma County in western Yunnan. Mengku No.1 Tea Tree and tea groups situated at the Yuku town on the peak of Mengku Snow Mountain (2200-2750 meters above sea level), where the average annual temperature is lower than 11°C and annual rainfall is about 2000 mm. With a age of 2700 years, Mengku No.1 Tea Tree is 16.8 meters high and its trunk is 3.1 meters in diameter.

4. Bangwei Tea Tree King (Transitional, 1,700 years)
The old tea tree, transitional from the wild to cultivated tree, is located at Bangwei Village, Fudong Town, Lancang County, Yunnan Province. Grown at 1900 meters above sea level, the arber tea tree king is 11.8 meters high and its trunk is 1.14 meters in diameter. With the age of more than 1700 years, it has been picked and used by local tea people since ancient times, but unknown to outsiders. The ancient tea tree of Bangwei is the only ancient transitional tea tree in the world and provides a scientific basis for all kind of tea culture research.

5. Yuxi Yunanjiang Wild Tea Tree (wild, 1,700 years)
Yunanjiang Wild Tea Tree Twins was discovered by plant experts in the Nanxi virgin forest near Manlai Town, Yuanjiang County. They are the best-preserved thousand-year-old wild ancient tea trees. The bigger arber tea tree king is 12.2 meters high and its root trunk is 1.2 meters in diameter.