Tiger Leaping Gorge

Located in China's Yunnan Province is the Tiger Leaping Gorge. One of the world's deepest river canyons, the gorge’s scenery is breathtaking and the continual fight between water and stone is unforgettable. According to legend, in China's ancient past, a tiger, fleeing from a hunter jumped across the gorge, giving the gorge its name.

The gorge is located 60 kilometers from Lijiang City. It is 15 kilometers long and passes several famous mountains. There are three sections to the gorge. The first section is the narrowest is the mouth of the JIngsha River, which created and flows through the gorge. The river drops 100 meters into the second section of the gorge and the speed of the swirling river is incredible. The third section is the wildest. The cliffs are steeper and the water is constantly crashing into the sharp rocks and cliff faces.

The more adventurous travelers hike the entire length of the gorge. The path is well marked and maintained. There are guesthouses available along the path. For the less adventurous, day trips to the gorge are wonderful ways to spend a day.