Black Dragon Pool

Located north of the Lijiang Old City, the Black Dragon Pool is a famous pool located in the Jade Spring Park. It is within walking distance of the old town. Built in 1727, during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the pool offers incredible views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.  The Jade Spring Park has several small temples and pavilions, in addition to the pool.

The pool got its name from an ancient legend. According to the legend, there were ten wicked dragons that killed people, destroyed villages, and ate livestock. One day, Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals battled and defeated nine of the dragons and locked them in a tower. Only the youngest dragon, the Black Dragon, remained free. Lu Dongbin agreed to spare him if he would change his ways and benefit the people. The Black Dragon lives in the pool and helps people to this day. The Black Dragon Pool is divided by a bridge and the water on either side of the pool are different colors, even though they are connected by the bridge.

Located near the pool is the Black Dragon Palace. Built in 1394, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the palace contains three halls and two courtyards. The Black Dragon Palace is also known as the Lower Temple, because right next to it is the Dragon Fountain Temple, also known as the Upper Temple. The Dragon Fountain Temple is a Daoist temple. There are three ancient trees in front of the temple; a plum tree, cypress tree, and camellia tree. The trees are huge and after centuries of life, are beautifully twisted and statuesque.

The park also has ancient tombs, the Dragon Fountain Plum Garden, and several other pavilions and towers. They are a lot of fun to explore while visiting the pool.