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Second Lotus Festival Kicks off in Lijiang Yunnan

The Second Yongshengsanchuan Lotus Festival kicked off in Cuihu village in Yongsheng county, Lijiang city, Southwest China's Yunnan province on July 20, attracting hordes of entrepreneurs, scholars and visitors to enjoy the refreshing scene in the scorching summer heat.

During the opening ceremony, visitors were awed by various performances, including singing, dancing, short sketches and allegro, with the Monkey King Travels Lotus Festival (Meihouwang You Hehuajie) performance winning particularly strong applause.

The lotus pond in Sanchuan town, where Cuihu village is located, covers an area of about 10,000 mu (666.67 hectures). The beautiful scenery, with its graceful and elegant lotus plants, attracted scores of tourists looking to take photos and appreciate the rare scene.

In addition to the lotus plants, a variety of local specialty cuisine and agricultural products were also popular among visitors.

The three-day festival was hosted by the Party committee of Sanchuan with the goal of enhancing the reputation and popularity of the Sanchuan Lotus Pond, expand its cultural influence and promote the development of rural tourism.

Meanwhile, art performances, photography collections and painting and calligraphy exhibitions featuring lotus plants were also held with the aim of integrating lotus scenery with local culture.