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Yulong Snow Mountain Controls Tourist Flow for Glazier Preservation

Those that want to admire the frozen beauty of Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang of Yunnan province need to plan well as the Yulong Snow Mountain Glacier National Geological Park started to limit its tourist number on May 22, according to a news release held on the same day.

Every day only 10,000 travelers will earn a coveted opportunity to get close to the snow-capped mountains after the restriction was posed in a bid to preserve the ice and snow and safe operation of the cableway devices.

According to the scenic spot office, the maximum carrying capacity of the Yulong Snow Mountain stands at 28,000 visitors per day.

"If we continue to leave the tourists flow in at no allowance, the tourist resources would get damaged for going beyond the carrying capacity of the environment", warned Zhu Xuebin, director of the scenic spot administrative office.

Apart from capping daily visitors, the scenic spot will also improve the reservation service of the cable cars and divide the individual and group tourists when required to ease the strain. Measures will also be taken to strengthen the management and protection of the park and garbage collection along the walkways.

Visitors can book tickets via WeChat, using vending machines or by waiting in the ticket hall. A total of 500 cableway tickets are distributed every half hour.

As the landmark of Lijiang, the Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area became a national key scenic spot in 1988 and was rated as a national 5A-level scenic spot in 2007. Tourist attractions led by Ganhaizi Meadow and the outdoor shows such as Impression Lijiang have greatly boosted Lijiang's brand image as a fascinating tourist spot.

Visitors reaching the Yulong scenic spot totaled 3.76 million in 2017, rocketing from 4,700 in 1994. Ticket income recorded 400 million yuan ($62.6 million) in 2017.