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Lijiang Naxi Culture Hits the Big Screen

The movie "Hometown on the Cloud" is released in Lijiang, Yunnan province on Oct 26.

An ethnic minority in southwestern China's Yunnan province, the Naxi, are to be unveiled on the big screen in the movie "Hometown on the Cloud". Released early in Lijiang, Yunnan province on Oct 26, and nationwide on Nov 8 in Mandarin and the native Naxi language, this film allows all the nation of China to get a closer look into one of the small villages that make up China.

The film zooms in on an ordinary Naxi family in a remote village coping with the collision of the traditional and modern values during the age of social development and communication with the outside world.

Renowned artists Zhang Chunhe and Wang Lei, worked together to reorganized and direct the film based on true stories. It was co-presented by Lijiang municipal publicity department and local film and production companies. Excellent actors such as Zhao Xiaoming and Han Yueqiao also played one of the biggest parts in getting the peoples of Naxi stories represented on the big screen.

It took two years' of shooting in Yulong Naxi autonomous county where a bunch of local artists also joined in the making of the work, pooling their talent to express their love and devotion for hometown both inside and outside the movie.

"We will carry on reflecting the authentic customs and culture of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan by down-to-earth shootings", said Zhang.

Screened at the 26th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, one of the top events in China's film industry, the movie was well-received at its opening. It is also the second Naxi ethnic-feature film ever made to premiere in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.